The two gentlemen that met us yesterday did an outstanding job on the check off list. They were very thorough and very organized. I have been through several of these and this was the best I have ever seen. Both my clients and I were impressed. John has put together a great team and you have been great to work with.
Carol Van Hook
James has done a phenomenal job bring this project to life. His personal commitment to it as with all the vendors has just been amazing! He is so much more than a project manager and could not have asked for a better partner in this endeavor, truly. All the staff have of course been exemplary. I just dealt with James the most, weekly, and almost daily sometimes. On status and issues and changes. He has been nothing, but positive, responsive and participatory to the point of doing things on their own time to make it happen. He is in a word “exceptional”!
Debbie Ray, Umbra Winery and Venue
My wife and I have built custom homes before, but I must say that our experience with John Askew Custom Homes and the John Askew team, has exceeded our expectations, they are like no other custom builder we’ve experienced before. We have been thoroughly impressed from the onset, i.e. working with John’s professional architect to develop our unique custom design, up to the current construction phase we’re in today. John and his staff have been very supportive, helpful, extremely professional, & their quality of work is superb.
Gary and Delores Bailey
We just wanted to write you a note to let you know how pleased we are with our new home. Everything turned out great and we could not be happier.

We especially wanted to let you know what a great joy it has been for us working with Vince Pascuzzi. Vince was more than a superintendent for us; he became a valued friend. Thanks again for making the process so easy. We.ve done this with you guys twice now and we are happy to recommend the John Askew Company to anyone who wants a great building experience.
James and Jill Albritton
You know as well as I do a company is only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Well, that is why you have a great company! I interviewed all the builders before I hired you and your team. Remember what I asked you? Why should I choose you over the other builders? You said, “because we are the best”. I knew before I had your answer that you were the best.

I pray God continues to bless each and every one of you and your families. John, please see to it that all the above get a copy of this letter. I think I spent more than I wanted to, but I got way more than I expected to get… new friends and a new dream home. I’d have say I got the better deal.
Kimmy and Jan Watters
Dana and I would like to thank everybody involved with the construction of our new home, we are thrilled with the kindness and effort that you all devoted to the project. Jane took great care to guide us through the process and answer all of our many questions as we went along. Jennifer made it so easy to choose textures and colors, without her I am confident the home would not have turned out as well as it did, she allowed us to relax and have fun. Brandon did a fantastic job of keeping the project on track and on time, he was always a professional and talked us through things that were very unsure of. All of the subcontractors we dealt with were also very professional and did a great job. Our home is more than we ever thought it would be, and we owe it all to John and the Team, we can’t thank you all enough.
Dale & Dana Grandmaison