Choosing the Right Builder


Choosing the right custom home builder is an incredibly important decision that some new homeowners take too lightly. Ideally, you want to shop for your builder as carefully as you would your home. It’s probably the most important decision you’ll make in your home building process and researching and asking the right questions can greatly help you find the right builder to fit your needs.

Right away you’re going to want a builder that clearly sees your vision while also staying within your budget. However, there are some other questions you should be asking to make sure you’ve found a right fit.

Are previous customers satisfied? Ask around and check for references and recommendations. See if you can tour a customer home or model home and check their website for testimonials. You want a builder with a strong and trustworthy reputation.

Is there an open line of communication? Your builder should be dedicated to providing you with the best customer service. They should talk openly and honestly about the building and design process as well as answer questions, provide alternatives where available, and offer suggestions when asked. A builder that wants you involved is a builder you should greatly consider choosing.

How much will the job cost? It is essential you get a quote written into the contract. Have as many details and information as possible in the construction contract. Be sure to also find out how the payment system will be setup. Will you pay an amount each month or will you pay in sections when certain stages are complete? Remember, an estimate is the best guess for the likely total costs but a fixed price contract tells you what it takes to build your home.

Inspections. Whether required or not, John Askew Company has a third party inspector inspect each phase of construction. We take quality control seriously and you should too.

Warranty. John Askew Company has a full-time employee available to handle warranty issues after move in. Our warranty man has been with us over 10 years and is a key competent to our customer’s satisfaction.

Most importantly you want to make sure your builder delivers the quality you expect for your custom home. John Askew Companys goal is to give every customer uncompromising integrity, expert craftsmanship, and top shelf quality in every aspect of the home building process.

Let us build and design for you the home of your dreams. Browse our gallery to see some of our past projects and read the testimonials from our satisfied clients.

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