Energy Efficient Home Building


Selecting the right insulation for your new home is an important decision. There are numerous options out there and finding a solution that will serve your home and family the best, may seem like a daunting task. You’ve heard about energy efficient homes, but what does that mean and how does it benefit you?

John Askew Company will use whatever type of insulation you choose. Included in our standard package is cellulose insulation and our experts bring together an impressive array of safe options such as blown cellulose insulation and cellulose attic insulation. Home cellulose insulation has become ever popular as homeowners realize the advantages it has because of its dense nature. Homeowners have also been attracted to how cellulose residential insulation consists largely of plant and organic materials. When you insulate with cellulose, you are choosing a proven economical alternative to straight fiberglass insulation.

Today some of the more popular insulation options out on the market consist of spray cellulose and spray foams. None of the foams we recommend contain formaldehyde. In 2004 it was revealed to be a human carcinogen and at John Askew Company we believe safety is not optional. A lot of the spray foams contain polyurethane but there are some new alternatives that some are finding more accommodating.

One of the newer high-tech products is called Icynene and it is a foam that starts as two liquid components. Once the spraying is complete the rough texture will start to expand beyond the drywall. The installers will scrape off the foam so the drywall can fit properly. They basically make sure its cut smoothly and evenly. This foam creates an air barrier and no air can move through or around it.

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