Multi-Generational Custom Homes


Your custom home is going to be one of your biggest investments in your entire life if not the biggest. Therefore, it would make sense to think long-term and plan ahead for your future. Multi-generational design plans are becoming increasingly popular in custom home building to meet families’ needs.

Many new homeowners are looking ahead and preparing themselves in case they need to take care of their aging parents someday and are implementing that idea into their home building process. The two main reasons this is quickly becoming popular are the financial benefits and the convenience. It also provides more flexibility and gives you options on how you want to design your rooms.

If you have the space on the lot and the cash to afford it then there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to take a multi-generational floor plan into account. Your parents or in-laws may not be moving in right away but you can at least plan out the bedroom, bathroom, and possibly a kitchenette area. In the meantime, this space could be used as a media room, game room, or home office and later converted into a bedroom when the time comes.

Multi-generational home plans aren’t just for the aging parents and grandparents. Kids from college come back home for the summer, young adults are staying at home until they establish their careers, and family and friends from out of town come to visit for the weekend.

Adding an additional wing or lock-off suite allows those staying there to still have a sense of togetherness while giving them the privacy they want. We have options to include their own private entrance, locks, and more. The costs for an assisted living center would likely run considerably more than a home addition if not more.

At John Askew Custom Homes we make it our goal to provide you with top quality craftsmanship, dedicated customer service, and unmatched expertise to build you the home of your dreams. Our Interior Design Team is second to none in providing creative ideas during the building process.

Let us build for you a multi-generational home that provides you with the financial benefits, flexibility, and convenience to support your loved ones for years to come.

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